What you need to do NOW to ensure profitability in the ‘new normal’ post-COVID

Let's break it down...

Rover is offering you a better way.
Will you take it, innovate &
pull ahead of the crowd?

If Covid-19 and it’s numerous disruptions have taught us anything it’s the absolute truth in the NEED for innovation and finding a better way. The data already shows, tech-savvy and forward-focused companies pulling ahead…

A New Report by Splunk shows that industry-leading businesses have more mature data practices and take action on more innovative approaches for working with that data.

75% of companies say innovation is a priority however, Boston Consulting Group warns that action, not just ‘priorities’ must be behind the ability to innovate quickly as we reach a new normal.

It’s not that the old way was broken, it’s just that the relentless ‘PIVOT’ mentality of 2020 and beyond pushed innovative companies to find a way to do it better, and thank God they did…

Where would we be without Zoom connecting people over the last 24 months.. as opposed to Skype who didn’t innovate; has anyone heard what happened to them? Or Pfizer…

Pfizer revolutionised vaccine development

Or Pfizer who partnered with BioNTech in 2020 to revolutionise vaccine development and are now helping control one of the worst pandemics in living memory?

And within that innovation-focused buzz, Rover has also reached a new level, which can lift you and your teams above the pack, out of the norm. The old system isn’t broken, but we guarantee you, there’s a better way; no other company has this much visibility over what your clients or competitors are doing.

And we guarantee you, no one else is finding all of their job leads, automated, without recruiter ads, in one place, in real-time.

Can you imagine the possibilities that creates? The doors we can open? And not from just a time management perspective but also in the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and business strategy decisions.

Let’s break it down…

You pay your average entry-level researcher or consultant $27/hr. They spend an average 3 hours researching leads each week before they even get to outreach, not to mention the constant disruptions from email job alerts.

With 52 weeks in a year, you’re paying $4212 for every consultant, for something we can do for you, instantaneously, with the latest leads delivered to you in real-time, every hour. And trust us, you won’t be paying us anywhere near that much 😉

It’s a no-brainer that has ripple effects throughout your company – warmer leads, better client experience, better staff retention, higher profitability & room for even greater innovation and growth.

Rover is offering you a better way. Will you take it, innovate &
pull ahead of the crowd?

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