If the “Great Resignation” is here, who is really to blame?

What can you do, right now, to encourage someone to stay?

If you’re a business owner or employer in today’s economy, chances are you’ve read a few articles about the so-called “Great Resignation” – this idea that employees everywhere are quitting the job market, either to embark on their own entrepreneurial adventures or to give themselves some much-needed self-care.

But many of these articles – and the management reading them – are placing the blame on the workers:

  • They’re lazy.
  • They want to live off government support.
  • No one wants to work anymore.
  • They expect more pay than they deserve.

As someone who has long worked closely in the recruitment world, both with Recruit Shop and now with Rover, this idea that we need to blame workers for quitting is inherently wrong. The onus of employee longevity and loyalty is always, 100%, on the employer.


Because there are always things we can do to get people to want to work for us. Not only can we offer more pay and benefits, but we can also offer a better work/life balance. We can offer perks. We can offer an environment and culture that is inviting – one that they genuinely want to be a part of. We can even do small things like buy them a gym membership or have BYOB Fridays at the office. 

We can even offer them friendship, where quitting work would be akin to losing your friends.

There is so much that we can do as employers and managers to make it so that people desire our workplace. 

Rather than asking “why does no one want to work?” We can ask “what can I do to make my business a desirable place to commit to?”

What do you think you can do, right now, that might encourage anyone that is considering resignation to stay? 

Let me know in the comments!

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