Your Choice: All the Oil in the World, or all the Data?

The most valuable commodity:

“Data is the most valuable commodity in the world today, more than gold, more than oil.”

Yat SiuCEO at Outblaze, Animoca, Father, Trekker, Geek

If you chose data, you’re onto a winner. Here’s Why…

Data may well be the most valuable commodity in the world, a statement backed by the fact that the most valuable businesses in the world are those with the most data: Look at Facebook, Google, Apple.

That’s why we at Rover focus on data. We didn’t want to just compete with recruiters or provide another ATS, we wanted to be the source of success at the centre, powering them all. 

That’s why at Rover, we are the leading source of intent data in the recruitment industry. We can show you what you need, to reach clients when they need, and prospective clients and even sometimes candidates, when they’re ready.

So what does that actually mean?…

We show you behavioural information on a company, and sometimes even down to an individual level, which can identify that company’s needs, intentions and interest in your products and services right now. 

Ever wonder how Facebook manages to show you EXACTLY what you need at the minute you need it? Or Google can predict exactly what you wanted to search for? Intent Data. And that’s what we can do for you, as a recruiter. 

Rover is THE next big step in data driven recruitment strategy, marketing and sales. With the data we provide our users, you can be confident you are making the most efficient and timely decisions for the profitability and growth of your firm. 

Rover offers you the
most valuable commodity
in the world... data.