The Biggest 2 Mistakes Recruiters Make in a Candidate-Short Market

Here at Rover, we focus on recruiters and what they need most right now to help them get more clients, place more candidates and effectively grow their business. Along with daily conversations with recruiters from all corners of the industry, as well as our Rover Industry insights, we are seeing recruiters make 2 huge mistakes right now on account of the current candidate-short state of the market.

Mistake #1

Director of Staffing Industry Metrics and Industry leader, Nigel Harse ( says too many recruiters are becoming generalist on the roles they work on in an effort to hedge their bets and place candidates ‘somewhere’ rather than work within their specialities and provide the high-quality service they initially set out to provide.

7/10 roles filled is better than 2 in 5 right? Wrong. What this strategy effectively results in is diluting your candidate pool, meaning you are placing potentially less than ideal clients into your more generalist roles in order to try and combat your current lack of candidates. Which leads to…

Nigel Harse says:

“too many recruiters are becoming generalist... rather than work within their specialities”

Nigel HarseDirector, Staffing Industry Metrics Pty Ltd

Mistake #2

Too many recruiters are focusing on candidates alone. When you look only at the problem, the problem is all you see, and what you then fail to see is that you’re also taking on clients and jobs who aren’t necessarily who the candidates you do have are looking to be involved with.

The Solution?

Return to your Mission & Focus. Recruiters right now should be as targeted as ever in only pursuing and accepting jobs in their area of specialisation. Recruitment branding expert David Wolstenholme from BrandMeBetter ( “instead of focusing on candidates, look to engage clients that are going to get your candidate pool excited. When you can do that, the whole ‘short’ part of the market becomes a lot less relevant”.

David says:

“instead of focusing on candidates... engage clients that are going to get your candidate pool excited”

David WolstenholmeFounder, BrandMeBetter

The How?

You need good information and good time management. Luckily, Rover’s intent data is the most relevant, timely and targeted job market information you can get your hands on. Oh, and wait – we will save you HOURS on trying to find it!!

If the solution is being as targeted as ever in pursuing jobs within your specialisation, let us know what your area of specialisation is, down to the finest detail and we’ll show you all of the information you need to know, to approach the clients who need your services right now, and whom your candidates will be jumping at the chance to work for.

Here are some examples of highly targetted
ROVER Job Leads based on your specific criteria...

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