The Recruitment Strategy to live by: Manage the Trends – Live Year-Over-Year Job Vacancies


The Australian job market is extremely fluid. Keeping on top of change and identifying trends early allows you to develop strategies to ensure long term growth, regardless of market conditions.

Using Web Rover’s industry trends, we’ve created the following chart which auto-updates to identify the differences between last month and the same period 12 months prior. Having visibility of trends as they happen, allows you to be ahead of the competition and prepare for the demand of tomorrow before it happens.

The chart at the top updates monthly, so you can bookmark this article to see how the job market has changed in a way that takes into account seasonal differences.



One trend immediately visible is the drastic growth of the job market between August 2020 and 2021. More than ever, businesses need help from professionals to help find good talent. This is why using data like the above is crucial to developing a strong niche.

Secondly, noticing changes like the growth of ‘Warehouse Operative’ vacancies from 10th up to the #1 most sought after within only a 12 month period shows this may be an area of interest for recruiters to look into.

Also, ‘Registered Nurse’ Vacancies have dropped from 1st into 7th place, possibly accounting for a spike in vacancies through the earlier parts of the pandemic in 2020, with the market turning to a rebuilding and growth phase toward the end of 2021.

Web Rover makes it possible to see the latest in up-to-the-hour job vacancies across Australia, as they happen. As a recruiter, you need detailed information. Simply by logging in to Web Rover you see customised, targeted information updated by the hour to drive a sophisticated recruitment strategy.

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