What Proportion of Jobs Per State Are in the Healthcare and Medical Field?

We know that there is a greater need, now more than ever, for those with medical experience and those working within the medical field (nurses, doctors, and more). These healthcare heroes are in increasingly high demand, as the need for skilled healthcare talent continues to be a top priority throughout Australia.

Yet, even though there is a desperate need for more talent to work as nurses, doctors, and other specialists, healthcare is different from other areas of the economy. It doesn’t grow as quickly, for example, as it is not typically possible to open up more and more hospitals at a rapid pace. 

So we were interested in seeing the percentage of healthcare job openings as they relate to the rest of the economy. What percentage of job openings in the last 12 months are healthcare and medical related?

As you can see, the percent of new job openings that are medical and healthcare related are not uniform across all the different states and provinces. Some areas have far more healthcare job openings than others. There may be many reasons for this:

  • Some places may have a shortage of skilled healthcare workers.
  • Some places may be seeing rapid growth in another sector.
  • Some places may be losing healthcare workers to other states.
  • Some places may be expanding their healthcare reach.

No matter the reason, it is interesting to see how medical and healthcare related jobs continue to be one of the top most needed positions in all state economies. Perform this type of analysis yourself by contacting Web Rover today, and speak to one of our sales team members.