What Are The Most In-Demand Jobs in Each State for May?

Every state and territory in Australia has its own culture, its own regional needs, and its own economy. There is considerable interplay between each state, but no two states have the same businesses or requirements that are going to be true of other areas.

At Rover, we wanted to take a look to see if the specific job openings between the states were similar across the board, or if there were more significant regional differences that could be explained. Our findings were as follows:

Overall, there were more similarities than even we expected. “Project Manager,” and related positions were in high demand. As the economy has taken off, it makes sense that there would be a high need for skilled individuals to manage the many projects, resources, and people assigned to these new tasks.

Registered nurses were similarly in high demand. They were the most common need in Queensland, and in the top 5 for Western Australian and NSW. Receptionist was also in high demand across the board.

Yet even within these similarities, we found many differences as well.

Queensland, in particular, seems in desperate need of skilled medical teams, along with South Australia. Queensland was also in need of a large number of Disability Support Workers, indicating there is a significant amount of work available for those in the medical field.

There are also unique findings within each state. For example, Western Australia appears to be short of electricians, while the Northern Territory’s needs appear very retail based, as “Storeperson” and “Store Manager” were some of the top open positions available.

We encourage you to explore the data for yourself. If you’d like to see how Rover can help you find even more granular data for your recruitment agency, setup an appointment with our sales team, today.