Australia’s National Demand for Registered Nurses

It should come as minimal surprise that nurses are in high demand. Even before COVID, the nursing profession was often seen as woefully understaffed, and since COVID hit, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for nurses to make up for shortages, burnout, and other needs.

But the degree to which nurses are desired by medical offices around the country is still incredible.

Where Registered Nurses are In Demand

Over the past 12 months, registered nurses have consistently ranked at the top of the most in-demand jobs throughout Australia. Sydney alone has posted over 763 job openings for nurses, followed by Melbourne at 683 and Adelaide at 387. 

Medical needs are not concentrated either, and in fact, while Sydney, Queensland, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide make up about 60% of Australia’s population, they are only about 25% of the total job postings for nurses. 

It is the smaller cities and towns that appear to be in need of more help, either because they’re struggling to find it locally or because COVID has created additional job opportunities. 

Overall, it’s clear that nursing is not only currently in high demand, but will likely to continue to be until they can find a way to find more nurses that can fill all these open positions and more. 

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