Where Are the Analyst Jobs?

Analysts are frequently in high demand across a wide range of industries. Though the jobs can differ greatly between positions – research analysts do very different work from financial analysts, for example – all of the jobs tend to require those with critical thinking skills, the ability to recognize and understand math or complex problems, and a strength in understanding what many sources of information may be telling you.

Analyst jobs are also typically only a step or two above entry level, which means that they are a great choice for those only a few years out of university. There are also senior analyst positions that typically require someone with a lot of experience, often dealing with very complex data. They also typically have a lot of growth potential, as analysts are usually a jumping off point to other positions in the company. 

Knowing where the analyst jobs are can tell you several things:

  • What companies are growing?
  • Where do they need young or burgeoning talent?
  • What kind of work are they doing? 

At Rover, we created a visualisation that shows where the analyst roles currently are and which companies are hiring the most of them:

This viz uses data from the last 12 months, so you can see who has recently been hiring for the positions (even if they are not currently open) and see if there is any insight that will help you with your recruitment targeting. This is also an interactive dashboard, so scroll over any of the positions to see which positions they are and learn more about what the company needs.