Top 20 Most In-Demand Hospitality and Tourism Jobs in Queensland

Rover is used by recruitment agencies to find leads, identify opportunities, match talent, and give you access to a wealth of data, at your fingertips, that will aid in both your decision making and your conversions. It’s why so many agencies find their profits increase exponentially and their time management improves dramatically once they have integrated Rover into their service process.

But for those that have never tried Rover before, it can be difficult to visualise why it is such a valuable tool. So we want to present to you a visualisation we created to show how granular Rover can get, and why it can be such a tremendous advantage to Australian recruitment companies interested in improving their business:

We decided to take a look at the top 20 most common positions open within the tourism/hospitality field – specifically those located in Queensland. Rover has the ability to identify even more specific locations, but let’s look at Queensland as a whole for now.

From here, we also made a list of which companies have the most open positions.

This is an interactive dashboard. You can click on one of the businesses, and it will show you which positions they have open, or click on a career and it will show you which companies are hiring for that position. 

Now, imagine you are a recruiter that specialises in, for example, restaurant management. Using this visualisation, you are able to see which businesses are currently hiring restaurant managers and how many positions are available. This would give you the information you need to contact these companies and match them with the appropriate employees.

Rover lets you search even deeper than this, helping you filter out recruiter-open jobs, find out which companies are paying more, identifying specific qualifications to see if your talent meets them, and so on, all for essentially any job in any industry in all of Australia. 

If you’re a recruitment agency ready to see how Rover can benefit you, contact our sales team today.