What Industries in Australia’s Big 3 States Are Currently Hiring the Most?

So much has changed over the past two years that it is more interesting than ever to see the trendlines in job openings across different sectors. Recently, we wanted to take a look at which industries appear to be seeing the most growth, and what these trends may mean for Australia or for the industry.

For ease, we limited it to the big three states – NSW, Queensland, and Victoria – as these states are likely to have more in common and the trend lines more meaningful. We grouped them together, but color coded the results so that it would be possible to see if there were individual state differences in addition to the trends of Australia as a whole.


What We Found



Perhaps the most stark trendline is the one in hospitality and tourism. There is a massive dip in new job postings between July 2021 and September of 2021. But then, after September, the number of new postings is massive and steep. In fact, no other industry came close to approaching 20,000 new job openings, while hospitality saw this number nearly 2 months in a row.



Within education, retail, and in the healthcare/medical field, the charts are nearly identical, indicating that they were largely both seasonal and based on COVID-19 restrictions. One of the most interesting charts is the one with the Information and Communications Technology job opening data. That chart has shows almost no trend line at all.



What These Data Mean

Any time we look at charts like this, the data is open to interpretation. We encourage you to take a look at the data yourself and see what you can conclude. What we found is the following:

  • The massive increase in hospitality openings is clearly the result of easing of COVID restrictions combined with the effectiveness of vaccines – all perfectly timed for the holiday season. But it’s also good to see, because it means that many of the businesses that put off hiring during the lockdowns are still open, looking for help to support their growth. Fun side note: Victoria seems to be hiring more people in the hospitality industry than NSW.
  • IT and communications jobs never really slowed down, and this is also not surprising, as these are some of the easiest jobs for people to do remotely. It is very likely that companies in this space never really saw a sizeable downturn during COVID lockdowns, and still needed roughly the same amount of help as they did prior. Though it was interesting to see how much more “blue” there is on the charts. This really shows the stark difference between NSW and other states in terms of where tech jobs are located, especially compared to Queensland, which saw roughly 1/3rd as many job openings as Victoria despite being similarly populated states.
  • All industries are looking to hire more people now than they were in January 2021. This either means that people are seeing the pandemic ending, or that they have more faith in their business or the vaccines.

There are many other pieces of information we can find in this chart for those that want to take a look. Of course, using Rover, you can take a look at even the most granular of data, seeing specific information from specific job openings across all of the Aussie market.

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