Top IT Jobs in the Last 30 Days

Nothing evolves quite like the jobs within the information technology space. Although IT jobs can sometimes have the same titles – like “software engineer” or “data analyst,” information technology is a rapidly changing field that frequently has to adapt to new opportunities and new tech as it becomes available.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the different job openings within IT can change as well, sometimes just as frequently. It’s also one of the careers where there is a dearth of top talent, making it a prime field for recruiters. We used Rover to take a look at the top IT jobs in Australia in the last 30 days. Here are our results:

Some of these aren’t a surprise, as they are consistently some of the highest demand jobs in the IT space. But others are more interesting, and reflect a change in what IT related careers are needed compared to months and years past.

Using Rover, it’s possible for recruitment agencies to find even more detailed data on these job openings – including the companies they’re for, information from the job description, and so on. If you’d like to see how Rover can help support your recruitment business, schedule a time to speak to one of our team members for a demonstration.