What Industries Outside of IT Need Experts in “Big Data?”

Some people go with their gut. Others go with their experience. Still others go with their logic. But businesses that want to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive world need to utilise existing data. 

It is within the data that opportunities can be found. Indeed, that’s part of what we do here at Web Rover – we give recruiters access to a wealth of data that they can use to drive decisions.

Data and IT 

Most data analysis jobs are considered IT jobs, and they work almost entirely with IT-related occupations. Google, Apple, and Amazon, for example, are some of the top employers for those that specialise in data and data analytics. These are the types of employers most commonly associated with “Big Data” – a term that refers to experts needed to analyse a wealth of data collection.

That is why, as an experiment, we used Web Rover to see what other positions may also be interested in Big Data in the last 12 months. We found the following:

As you can see from the chart, big data is valuable across many different professions – almost universally so. No specific industry really stood out as requiring “Big Data” experts any more than others:

  • Government & Defense
  • Education and Training
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Marketing & Communications 
  • Science and Tech
  • Engineering

These 6 industries all opened between several new positions that had “Big Data” in the description. While Government and Education needed the most, the other industries still required those in big-data roles at a high rate, even though their fields are only tangentially related to IT. 

The need for Big Data experts did not end there, as consultants, sales, human resources, healthcare, and accounting also needed their fair share of Big Data specialists.

There is no denying that data is critical to the success of a variety of different occupations, not only those that work within IT. 

In addition, using Rover, you can see the specific jobs that required Big Data experience. Scroll your cursor over the different rectangles, and you’ll see a list of the different positions these industries were looking to fill. The results vary wildly, from “Customer Insights Specialist” to “Business Analyst.” 

Most jobs are also senior positions. Those with experience working with “Big Data” are likely setting themselves up for success in the industry, given how desirable that experience seems to be.

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