8 Questions to ask that impact your Customer Experience

How well are you serving your current clients right now?

Busy-ness seems to be worn and displayed as a badge of honour and mostly the norm, however it can easily distract us from providing quality Customer Experience and in turn hinder, not help, what we are trying to achieve. Here’s a few questions that might be worth asking to really fill in the gaps in your Customer’s Experience and your Personal & Company Impact.

When your current clients bring you jobs, are you looking to pick up similar roles to broaden your talent pool?

Chances are that the accountant you placed for ‘A’ client, knows another accountant. The more roles you take on, the more accountants you’re exposed to. But if you’re too busy taking on every job anyone approaches you about, rather than looking for jobs in the same niche, you’ll decrease your fill rate, create more busy-work for yourself and provide less for your current clients. Sure it might be enough, but it could also be more. And ‘more’ is the difference between a referral, reputation, fulfilment and longevity in the industry. Rover can help you deepen your niche.

When your clients advertise without you, are you reaching out to see if you can help? Or do you not even have the systems in place to realise if they advertise without using your services?

When your clients choose to advertise the type of role without you, that you would usually help them fill, how do you know? Rover can provide you with a simple report of all your current clients, so any time they advertise a job without you, you can see what it is, see if you can help or if you have a candidate in mind that might be a great fit. They’ll appreciate how invested you are in their business and again, that’s the little bit ‘more’ that makes the difference: referral, reputation, fulfilment & longevity.

When your clients ask you to advertise a role, do you have the information on how they’ve tried to advertise that role in the past?

It’s either a new client or a new role and you’re waiting for them to send through a past advertisement to work with. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, “Don’t worry, I’ll pull that up on our end so you don’t need to take a minute extra out of your day.” Not only can Rover see your client’s past job descriptions, we can see every single job they’ve advertised, then filter it down by industry, time frame and key words. And you could see all of this before even speaking with them. Imagine the insights you’d have before going into that conversation…

Before you speak to your clients, have you done the research to truly understand their needs and seasonal trends within their business?

Being informed wins business, and it also wins respect. Going into a conversation with full awareness, or even visuals that you can display around your clients and prospective clients hiring habits, seasonal trends and details on every piece of historical advertising history from job descriptions, to salary to what role was advertised when, will position you as an authority in your field. There may be more experienced recruiters out there, but Rover gives you something they don’t have – information and an even more in-depth understanding of what your client needs.

Are you too busy taking on new business that you’re forgetting to serve the business you already have?

Good business comes down to good numbers. Whether you’re a consultant trying to best help your clients and make a good commission in the process, or you’re CEO, it makes more sense to keep your current clients happy and retain them, then to have high turnover and always be needing new business. Acquiring new business takes time and money. And while new business is necessary for growth and evolution, when we aim for the best customer experience possible, high client retention and a great candidate experience, we keep costs down on new business, save time that we can better put into our existing clients, working on the business rather than in it, or acquiring more targeted new business, or to get out of the office and enjoy the other parts of our lives. Oh, and not to mention, everyone feels better about what they’re doing and why!

How many roles does that really allow you to fill?

Top recruiters are remaining strategic in their approach throughout the candidate short market phase. With each new prospective client, they are asking whether that is a good fit for their mission, their company and their niche. Developing a strong niche, builds your talent pool, attracts the right candidates and helps you provide an all-round better experience to your clients by filling their roles, with strong candidates. Alternatively, taking on all the new business, dilutes your niche and means you fill less roles overall.

How does that affect your reputation?

Once your niche is diluted, you’re no longer “The Recruiter” to approach within your niche. You have no exclusivity, no mystery. Clients and candidates may look to other recruiters they feel can better serve their needs and likely your focus will be so spread, you’ll fail to fully serve your existing clients to the best of your ability.

How does that affect your future?

We’ll leave this one up to you to answer for yourself. Although whether you’re a consultant, business development manager or CEO, having good information helps you deliver a personalised, strategic and targeted service to your clients, which in turn builds your niche, your reputation and puts you in good stead for whatever may come your way in future. 

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