Rover Identifies Hiring Boost with Woolworths Group in NSW

Recruiters often use Rover to look for both trends and clients in job posting data. We at Rover often use it for the same reason. We took a look at the data recently and discovered an interesting trend about Woolworths Group.

Woolworths Group is one of the largest retailers in all of Australia and New Zealand. Despite its size, Rover typically only posts about 15 new open positions on LinkedIn at a time. But in April of 2021, we saw a massive jump, as seen using the chart below.



71 new positions were posted on LinkedIn. 51 of those openings were in NSW. Nearly all of them were mid-senior level positions as well.

What Does This Mean?

You’ll have to explore Rover yourself or contact Woolworths if you want to get deep into the data to determine why Woolworths saw such incredible growth, but typically when you see something like this, it indicates any one of the following:

  • The organization is expanding, and they need talent to help them grow.
  • The organization is going through a massive restructuring.
  • The organization went through a significant turnover.

The latter is least likely, since a sizeable layoff push or resignation would have created more of a buzz in media or in stock prices. Most likely, it is a sign that Woolworths is going through growth.

Recruiters have the opportunity to use this type of data to figure out who is hiring, who they can target, and where the trends are. Except that when you use Rover, you can find individual details about the types of jobs, qualifications, pay, posting rate, how the data changes over time, and so much more.

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