Month to Month & Year to Year Job Market Trends in Australia

The economy is not static. It ebbs and flows in different directions, each time offering new trends and new opportunities. By monitoring how the economy compares week after week, month after month, year after year, we can learn a lot about not only the current state of the job market, but also where it’s going.

Rover is a thorough data scraping, collection, and analysis company, providing an application that can be used to evaluate both the macro and the micro of the job market. From overall economic trends in any industry, to the specific hiring practices of a single local company, Rover makes it possible for anyone to generate useful information from job opening data, including: 

  • Recruiters
  • Journalists
  • Investors
  • Educators, and More

The level of detail and specificity you can achieve with Rover is substantial. But we also know that sometimes, what you’re looking for most is a quick cheat-sheet of the latest jobs information that you can use to gain insight into today’s economy.

That is why, using Rover, we created the a dashboard that has up to date information on the Aussie job market, analyzed weekly, with data on:

  • Week to Week and Year Over Year Job Market Trends
  • Most Popular Job Openings Advertised Month to Month
  • Top Industries Currently Hiring Month to Month
  • Employers with the Most Job Openings (also Month to Month)
  • Where the Jobs Are in Australia.

This page will be updating frequently, every Monday, so we encourage you to bookmark this data so that you can come back to it and see how the Aussie market is changing.

If you’d like to learn how Rover can help your recruitment agency, schedule time to speak with one of our team members by clicking on the link here.