Possible Job Trend: Personal Banking Advisor

Our Rover tool here at Web Rover is frequently used to try to get a better understanding of job trends. These can be on a macro-level, such as “number of work from home positions opening in the medical field” or they can be on a micro-level, such as “how many AI employees has Google hired over the past year?”

You can find some really fascinating stuff when you look at specific companies and industries. For example, we took a look at the hiring practices of Westpac Group, one of the largest banking and financial service companies in Australia. Their hiring practices appear fairly consistent, except for two specific days:



On May 11th and June 8th, they opened up jobs for two to three times the number of positions than they typically advertise for.

But why?

With over 500 jobs posted in just those two days (compared to 50-100 in most other days), there are a lot of positions there to sort through. But perhaps the most interesting one was the position of “Personal Banking Advisor.”

Now, Personal Banking Advisor only accounted for 13 of the 500 open positions. As we said, there is a lot of data you can look through using the Rover tool. But those 13 open Personal Banking Advisor positions during those two days are more than were posted any other time in the past year, combined.

If you look at the bottom chart, you can also see where they were posted. These weren’t all posted in one location. In fact, there were about 2 open positions spread out across every state, indicating that it is likely not a coincidence that Westpac Banking decided to create and advertise these open positions:



It seems likely that Westpac has made a conscious change to add more Personal Banking Advisors to its team, and this could be indicative of a larger trend across the company or the industry.

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