Victoria’s Big 5

Fast Growing: Industries in Victoria with the Fastest Month to Month Growth

The job market is not static. It ebbs and flows based on everything from the stock market to the season to the latest trends in consumer spending. We can see, in many ways, how the world economy is changing based on these changes to the job market – what industries are growing, and what industries are shrinking, and where talent is lacking.

Web Rover is capable of providing near-instant, detailed job market data. Our tools are often used in the recruitment field to give relevant data to recruiters and employers hoping to gain a competitive edge in the increasingly more challenging job market. Here, we’ve used our tool to provide a monthly report of the industries in Victoria that have seen the most growth over the past 6 months. See our visualisation below:

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Every month, these charts will automatically update to include the latest month’s data, in order to help recruiters see how the market is changing. You can create your own more detailed charts and reports by creating a dashboard inside of our Web Rover system. Schedule time to speak to one of our team members to learn how Web Rover works and how our digital recruiting tool has helped many businesses stay ahead in the job market.

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