Industries That Benefit From Access to Jobs Data

Anyone can, the most common are...


Rover is one of the most effective tools available for job data collection. We utilize information automation, with an application that is able to read data directly from the web on the newest and most up to date information on job postings, employer trends, recruitment, and more – all with a system that is easy to use and provides highly accurate data.

Our “Rover” is able to essentially sniff out all the specific jobs related information on the internet, categorize it, extract relevant words and phrases, and more. It’s a tool that has quickly become popular across a range of industries. But for those that are new to this data automation world, who can benefit from this data and what are they currently using it for?

Who Uses Our Rover Data Automation App?

Rover has a tool that has a broad range of functions. But at present, its specialty is the collection of highly detailed job data that it is able to collect in the Australia, New Zealand, and soon to be European job market. We make it possible to collect and analyze job data with the most minute of details, opening the door for a variety of different organizations to get a comprehensive snapshot of the job market at any location, in any industry, and with any employers.

It is this level of detail that allows many different businesses and organizations to use Rover to their financial or organizational advantage. The market for this type of information is broad, and can provide an opportunity for different industries to spot trends early, identify openings, and make sure that they are staying ahead of the field.

Our easy to use job data analysis software is used by all of the following industries:

This type of recruitment software has proven immensely beneficial for recruiters. IT allows them to identify opportunities instantly, providing everything from employer info, job opening trends, valuable qualification data, and more. It allows recruiters to stay well ahead of their competitors by showing them where the value is. It is a way to make sure that you’re always moving forward, taking advantage of the potential that is out there for you to expand your business and get more matches in the upcoming year(s).

Detailed jobs data makes it possible to answer some of the most important questions in the internal recruitment field: What are your competitors doing? What skills/talents seem to be at the forefront of the current jobs market? What positions are people having a difficult or easy time filling? What benefits are people offering? These answers can help you find the best possible talent, and stay ahead of others in your field.

The purpose of higher education is to help their students graduate and find high paying careers in their respective fields. But in today’s increasingly fast paced world, the needs of the job market can sometimes change faster than the programs at university. Thus, schools that want to make sure they’re helping their students find careers can use detailed job posting data to see what skills are most valued, what positions are opening more than others, and what types of employers are hiring in order to direct their students to the appropriate degree programs and class syllabi.

Job market data is of frequent interest to readers, yet is typically only released at a broad level by government sources. With Rover, journalists can independently locate useful information on different jobs, careers, employers, and city economic data that you may not be able to get independently, possibly driving stories or adding background information to important pieces.

While the Aussie government may collect jobs data, this information is important for the states themselves, cities, towns, and other municipal services. Using our app, it is possible to glean more detailed information that can help local government services determine the best ways to allocate resources, incentivize businesses, and more.

These uses only scratch the surface. Many different organizations are able to use this data to improve their products, services, and organizational strategies, as they are able to get deep into even the most specific data currently available and analyze it for trends and opportunities.

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Rover is used by organizations across Australia, NZ, and Europe, as we continue to provide a level of specific data that is useful for a broad range of fields. If you’d like to see Rover in action or learn more about how it can help your business grow, schedule a time with our sales team or give us a call to learn more.