How Top Tech Companies Played a Part in the Aussie Job Boom

How Top Tech Companies Played a Part in the Aussie Job Boom

While it’s true that the economy still has a lot of uncertainties, one thing that is clear by all measurements is that we are in the middle of a job boom. Last week, we showed how, despite a near-record low 4.2% unemployment rate, there’s still a nearly 50% increase in job openings compared to pre-pandemic levels. That could mean an unemployment rate that drops to as little as 3.7% or less.

The world’s largest tech companies have played a part in this boom. We used Rover to take a look at what some of the big tech companies have been doing over the past few years:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook/Meta
  • Amazon

What we found was that each and every one of these companies saw a huge spike in new job openings in 2021 compared to 2020. In total, they nearly doubled the total number of job openings in Australia, with numbers that look even bigger when you compare them on a company by company level.

Microsoft, saw the biggest YOY growth in any given month. Before the pandemic hit in 2020, January and February saw only 34 and 32 new openings in each month. In 2021, those same two months saw 300 and 332 openings – nearly a nearly 9x increase (March 2021 saw an incredible 604 job openings, but comparing it to the height of the pandemic lockdowns in March of 2020 might lead to biased numbers).

Apple has never had a huge presence in Australia, but the presence they have had has been increasing. There were 16 new openings in Spring of 2021, which may not sound like many, but in Spring of 2020 there was only 1 opening total across all three month.

December of 2021 saw the largest increase in Meta (Facebook’s) new openings at 42, almost double the next highest month – which happened to be November of 2021, which saw 23 openings. In 2020, Meta did not hire more than 14 total positions in any given month.

We encourage you to explore our Viz and see what other interesting trends you can find. If you’d like to learn more about how Rover can support your recruitment efforts, contact us today for a demonstration.