How Recruiters Use Rover to
Improve Their LinkedIn Messages

If you’re trying to connect with leads, you need a way to stand out.

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    How Recruiters Use Rover to Improve Their LinkedIn Messages

    LinkedIn is a social networking website for working professionals. But it is also one of the most powerful tools that recruiters have for generating and managing leads. While most people grow their network to find jobs, LinkedIn for recruiters is how many companies identify potential clients, note trends, manage talent, and much more.

    One way that recruiters contact these potential leads is through LinkedIn Inmail – a type of LinkedIn message for recruiters and other professionals that allows them to contact people outside of their network with a pitch for their services. But, perhaps not surprisingly, many of these messages strike out. Employers receive cold-Inmail messages from recruiters every day.

    That means that if you’re trying to connect with leads, you need a way to stand out.

    Rover, our enterprise level job data collection and analysis application, gives recruiters a way to stand out – as well as a way to identify those that are most likely to be interested in their services. We know that sometimes it’s easier to learn with a conversation, so if you’d like to chat with one of our support staff to learn what Rover can do for your recruitment agency, put your details in the form at the top of this page.

    In the interim, let’s provide some LinkedIn Inmail examples for recruiters, along with a template and other strategies that you can use to target these prospects.

    What’s Wrong With Your LinkedIn Template?

    Let’s start with what most recruiters do wrong. Most recruiters cold email using nothing but their pitch. The average LinkedIn Inmail templates for recruiters looks something like this:


    Subject Line: IT Jobs at Your Company

    Dear {{Name}} – 

    My name is John Smith, and I’m with Real Recruitment Company. We are an agency of talented recruiters that have helped hundreds of organizations, like yours, find talent that will excel in the role. Do you have 5 minutes to chat with our sales team about why Real Recruitment Company is the top choice for the IT industry?


    This type of email is common. But it is also typically unsuccessful. That’s because, perhaps not surprisingly, it reads like a template – and one that literally every other recruitment agency has likely written in the past. 

    It’s important to understand that LinkedIn, and arguably most other cold outreach tactics, are used so often by so many of your competitors that you become yet another “spam” email to them. Sure, someone may someday respond, but in general, your Inmail is likely to be ignored. 

    You need a better subject line and a better email template. We’ll get into how to create these below.

    Quick Explainer for Rover

    Before we delve into the LinkedIn Inmail examples for recruiters, let’s first explain what Rover does. Rover is automated data scraper and aggregator and analysis tool that collects open job posting information from all over the internet, and then places them into the cloud where they can be searched, analyzed, graphed, and so much more. Every single piece of data, including things like:

    • Company 
    • Job Location
    • Job Requirements
    • Industry
    • Job Level/Pay, etc. 

    All of these become part of this database. Then, as a user of Rover, you can create queries and dashboards that help you identify trends, spot leads, and so much more. The list of things that Rover can do for recruiters is substantial, so we won’t get into all of it here, but imagine if you had all job information from every company available in a way that is easy to review and use.

    Recruiters often use Rover in order to find leads on LinkedIn to contact in the first place. But once they have those leads, they also use Rover to write their LinkedIn message templates. 

    Better Subject Lines – Better Email

    It all starts with the subject line. A generic subject line like “Let Us Fill the Roles at Your Company” will not typically work, as they read as just that: generic.

    Instead, using Rover, you can identify what they’re looking for to the most minute detail, and then use that in the subject line. For example, consider the following Linkedin Inmail subject lines for recruiters:

    • I have a great candidate for your marketing manager position.
    • Have you been able to get those 8 program director roles filled?
    • Help filling the open positions at your Sydney office.

    Thanks to Rover, you’re able to give some specificity in the subject line, making the email feel more personal and addressing something specific that these individuals are looking for.

    Better Emails – Specific Content

    Using Rover, instead of writing a generic message without any specific information, you can start to add the specific details of the position that show that you’ve done your research. An example of a LinkedIn message might be something like:


    Dear {{Name}} – 

    My name is John Smith of Real Recruitment Company. I noticed you currently have 5 open positions for assistant IT director in Sydney that appear to have been available for over 90 days. If they’re still currently unfilled, I may have some candidates for you. All three of them have 5+ years of experience, just as you require, excellent references, and are seeking a position within the field at an expected salary range of $65,000-$85,000, which is roughly in line with your job listings. 

    If you’re interested, I would be happy to send those names over. We are one of the largest IT recruiter agencies in Sydney, and would love to chat with you a bit about our services and how we match your company with the best talent. 


    That type of email has the specifics that proves that you’re interested in helping the company. Using Rover, you were able to identify information that was relevant to them, specifically, and show them that you’re ready to help them solve a problem and find the talent they need.

    Get Started with LinkedIn Messages and Rover

    Inmail is a valuable LinkedIn tool for recruiters. But the way to get the most return from your investment is to ensure that the messages and templates you create are likely to get the right reaction from potential leads. Rover isn’t just a tool for these LinkedIn messages, but part of the value of Rover’s system is that it gives you data that you can use to drive business decisions, identify opportunities, and of course – contact potential clients on LinkedIn. 

    Schedule a time to speak with an account manager today by adding yourself to the calendar here, or by contacting us using our online form. 

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