Power your business by
automating ROVER data.

Powering your business has never been easier with ROVER data.
Simply, chose the data sets you want then integrate them to
save your teams time and help them make money.

    Intelligence Automationis the future...

    ROVER collects data from the web
    including the following:

    • CANDIDATES and their contact details
    • CONTACTS and their contact details
    • EMPLOYERS and details about their company
    • JOBS posted everywhere online every day
    • RECRUITERS and details about their company

    The process is simple.

    ROVER can load data into your systems in 3 steps...
    • Choose Data

      Choose what data you would like ROVER to integrate with your system.

    • Select Integration

      Select which system you would like to integrate with ROVER.

    • Click Launch

      Launch ROVER to automate the intelligence you need to power your business.

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    how data can power your business.

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