Choose the Best ATS for
Recruiters & Recruitment Agencies

Best ATS for Recruiters – How to Select the One That’s Right for You

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    Choose the Best ATS for Recruiters & Recruitment Agencies

    Recruitment has changed over the past several decades. It’s no longer just about “the grind,” where recruiters network, make connections, and are on the phone all day trying to make a sale. Now, it’s about the technology, automation, and tools/shortcuts you can use to streamline your work.

    One tool that many people use is an applicant tracking system, or “ATS.” It’s not uncommon for recruitment agencies to utilize applicant tracking systems to better manage the applicants, match people to jobs, and much more. 

    But how do you select the best ATS for recruitment agencies, and is that the tool that is going to provide you with the most bang for your buck?

    Best ATS for Recruiters – How to Select the One That’s Right for You

    There are lot of choices in applicant tracking software for recruiters and staffing agencies. Some of them have a substantial number of features. Others less so. Part of the challenge that you’re going to face when looking for a recruiter ATS is that some companies only use maybe one to two features at most, while others have full time workers managing the entire suite of options.

    Before we look at these applicant tracking systems, let’s try to get a better understanding of what they do. An ATS is essentially a database. That database holds the resumes and CVs of any candidates connected to your business.

    This is where features can start to change based upon the type of software you’re using. Your ATS may have:

    • Artificial Intelligence
      Some ATS software “reads” resumes using an automated algorithm to rate people based on skills.
    • Turning Words to Data
      Some ATSs turn resumes into searchable copy, which allows recruiters to “find” people they need using a Boolean search.
    • Scheduling and Management
      Some ATSs automated the scheduling systems, and/or allow you to stay in contact with applicants to keep the relationship strong.
    • User-Entered Feedback
      Some (most) ATSs make it possible to enter in your notes and data based on your analyses and interviews.
    • Integrations
      Some recruitment ATSs can integrate with other systems to streamline the recruitment process.

    There are free applicant tracking systems for recruiters, but most of the best ones have a modest cost, as much as $500 per month depending on the number of users. But they can be valuable. Many recruitment agencies find that the right ATS can save them several thousand dollars a year on recruitment management, and makes tasks like talent collection easier.

    Turning Talent Into Revenue

    Your recruitment agency is different from another recruitment agency. Some people only need an ATS that they can use almost like a searchable spreadsheet to keep track of their talent. Others need the whole system – something they can use to integrate with all their other software and automate the entire process.

    That is why it is difficult to make a suggestion for the “best ATS for staffing agencies” because no two recruitment companies are the same. It’s not about the specific ATS, but how you plan to use it. All of the top brands in applicant tracking systems are useful for the right people – it’s a question of whether or not you are the right person. 

    Some of the best names in recruiter ATS currently include:

    • Pinpoint
    • Greenhouse
    • Freshteam
    • Recruitee
    • SmartRecruiters
    • ClearCompany

    This is, of course, a small selection of the applicant tracking software systems currently available for recruiters and staffing agencies, and it’s easily possible that one of the best ones for your team may not be listed here. 

    What Happens Next: Software that Builds Revenue

    An ATS is a valuable tool. But here’s the one issue with applicant tracking software – it doesn’t improve revenue at all. 

    The sole purpose of applicant tracking systems is to make it easier for you to manage your business. But it’s one thing to have an applicant database. It’s quite another to turn that database into money for your agency.

    That’s why, while an ATS is useful, what you really need is a tool for lead generation.

    You can have the largest database in the world – one that is growing daily. But if you can’t find a home for that talent, your firm isn’t making any money. Matching 1000 candidates to 8 jobs is less valuable than matching 10 candidates to 10 jobs. It’s the conversion of those candidates that matters. 

    One of the reasons that we developed Rover is that we wanted to create a recruitment tool that can actually generate you money. 

    Rover is an automated data collection and analysis tool that collects, stores, and processes detailed data from all over the internet on nearly all job openings in the country. Using Rover, it is possible to see live charts and dashboards of companies, positions, and so much more, so that you can actually find businesses that are in need of your services and contact them to create a match with your talents.

    It’s great to have an applicant database. But if you want to find businesses that need the people in that database – and you want to do that in a way that is fast, thorough, automated, and doesn’t require wasting time on daily or near-daily manual searches, Rover is the best way to start.

    With Rover, you can find companies that match your applicants, not just the other way around. If you’d like to get a better understanding why Rover is a must for any recruitment or staffing agency that is looking for an ATS, schedule a call to talk to Saxon today about why Rover is changing the way that recruiters grow.

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    Rover is a great tool that can be used to better understand the recruitment landscape.

    Great tool!
    Tim NewhamQueensland General Manager

    Rover's data rich reports evidence actual workforce shortages.

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    Rover data provides unique insights that enable our marketing strategy.

    Unique insights
    Anelise HynesAPAC Marketing Lead

    They are a partner with expertise in adding value to our business.

    Excellent team!!!
    Jamie ConynghamChief Executive Officer

    We introduced Webrover to our fellow Frontline Franchisees, the uptake was amazing.

    Saves hours a day
    Jeff BaileyDirector National Operations

    We use Rover to know when our top tier clients are recruiting.

    Well done!!
    James AldridgeCEO & Founder